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Fermenters and Measurement                            

Supply orders at this time are takingá2 to 6 business days to ship. Thanks you for your patience.

We ship only to the U.S.

 Stainless Distiller's Parrot with collection cup  Stainless Distiller's Parrot with collection cup

Tired of filling up the test jar to check the %? Now monitor the purity directly from your output! Alcoholmeter sold separately. This Parrot is 12' tall and weighs a whopping 2.8 pounds. It's very well built!
5 (1.3gl)Liter Bucket  2 Gallon Bucket

Made of food grade, chemical resistant PP plastic
Airlock (3-Piece or "S" - Depends on current Stock levels)  Airlock (3 piece or "s" based upon stock levels)

You will receive either the 3-piece or the "S" style airlock. Both are very effective.
Alcoholmeter - 30cm (12 in.) with proof and %  Alcoholmeter - 30cm (12 in.) with proof and %

Alcoholmeters are for reading alcohol content in distilled spirits only. Professional grade. 0-200 Proof and 0-100% abv reading.
Complete Fermentation Bucket Kit  Complete Fermentation Bucket Kit

A complete fermentation bucket kit with 32 qt (8.5 gallons) bucket, lid, airlock. Lid comes with grommeted hole for airlock. Bucket has spigot that makes it easier to transfer liquid to boiler. Has measurement in liters, translucent, molded-in handles and is made with alcohol tolerant food grade PP plastic.
Complete alcoholmeter test kit. Professional grade  Deluxe Alcohol Test kit . With Floating Thermometer

$27.99 $24.99
Floating Thermometer  Deluxe Floating Thermometer

Temp reading on both F and C. Measures 25cm. Let this thermometer bob around in your wash while you determine the proper temperature.
$9.95 $6.99
Swivel Head Thermometer  Digital Thermometer

Swivel head thermometer rotates 180░ for easy reading. Battery and protective sheath included.
Digital Thermometer  3-in-1 Timer / Thermometer  Digital Thermometer 3-in-1 Timer / Thermometer / Clock

Presettable alarm temp range from 32░F to 392░F/200C. Timer and thermometer work simultaneously or individually, 24 hour countdown timer. 2 rear wall mount magnets, 43" probe wire. USDA food temperature chart included. Batteries included.
Easy-Siphon 1/2in - Includes Tubing!  Easy-Siphon 1/2in - Includes Tubing! ( Racking Tube)

Easy siphon 1/2" includes tubing. Easiest way to siphon wash to distiller! Also equipped with anti-sediment tip. Clever design redirects liquid flow away from sediment for a clear and clean tasting product. To clean, simply pump sanitizing solution through and hang to dry. Bottling will never be a chore again!
FH Alcohol Test Jar (Molded) - 30cm  FH Alcohol Test Jar (Molded) - 30cm $6.99
Glass Test Jar - 100mL  Glass Test Jar - 100mL $6.99
Triple scale hydrometer. Made in the USA  Hydrometer / Oeschlemeter

Hydrometers are for reading density of a mash, used to confirm completion of fermentation, or calculate the alcohol content from fermentation by using reading at beginning and end of fermentation. WILL NOT WORK IN DISTILLED SPIRITS.
MR Distiller Starter Kit  MR Distiller Starter Kit

This will get you off to a good start! Comes with 2 gallon bucket, 2 bags of Mr Distiller Turbo Yeast, FH test jar, alcohol meter, airlock with bung.
ClearBrew™ Pail & Cover Fermentation Bucket with hole for No. 6 Bung (1 1/8" Hole)  Pail & Cover Fermentation Bucket with Free spigot

 8.5 gallons(32 liters). Perfect for making 6.5 gallons(25 liter) wash or wine. Measurement in gallons and liters. Lid included! Made of alcohol-tolerant food grade PP plastic. Lid has hole and grommet for air lock. Free spigot.
Powder Brewery Wash  Powder Brewery Wash

PBW (powder brewery wash) is a patented alkali cleaner orig developed for Coors. Acts as a soak or manual cleaner. Just let dirty items soak overnight in solution. Then rinse. Effectively cleans items that can't be reached with a brush or sponge and is strong enough to remove thick, difficult, baked on soils. Environmentally, biodegradable and won't hurt "friendly" bacteria in your septic system!
Rubber Bung for Fermenter Airlock  Rubber Bung for Fermenter Airlock $0.99
Starter Kit  Starter Kit

Free spigot with this starter kit! Along with distiller or tower and it's respective hose package, this has all you need to get started. Add water and sugar and off you go!

Complete 32 qt fermentation bucket with lid
1.7 liter charcoal activated carbon
FH alcohol test jar (molded plastic)
2 bags Turbo Yeast
2 bags of 2-Stage Clearing Agent

This kit does not include a hose kit!

Measuring Syringe
Syringe - 10 mL

Used for measuring Liquid Oak Extract and other bulk products.
The BrewBelt¬ 20W  The BrewBelt¬ 20W

A heating belt used to keep the temp of your brew up to proper temp when fermenting in cooler temperatures. These belts normally produce about 20 watts and position on bucket or carboy determine the amount of heat put into brew. The lower the belt, the more heat is absorbed. Manufactured and tested in accordance with CSA 22.2 No 64-M91 & UL 499 standards; certified for U.S. & Canada. Instructions included. 120V 20 watt
$26.99 bucket not included