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Hose Assembly

All hose clamps are already placed on the hoses before shipping. To attach your hoses, use a pair of pliers to loosen the clamp, and slide it approximately an inch (2.54cm) down on the hose. Place the hoses onto the appropriate lines on your unit, and then use the pliers to move the clamp back up on the hose.

To assemble your unit for use as a "Reflux Still", attach the 4' (1.2192m) hose with the female hose coupling onto inlet 1. Attach one 20" (50.8cm) hose to both 2 and 3, and the other 20" (50.80cm) hose to 4 and 5. Place the other 4' (1.2192m) tube with the male hose coupling onto outlet 6. Connect the 4' (1.2192m) tube to the bottom of the condenser 7, which will run into your collection container. Moisten the thermometer, slide it into the hole of the rubber bung and place the bung securely in the top of the column.