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Using Your Still to Make Flower Essences


The modern flower essences, available in most health food stores, were first developed by a British physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach, who created them to treat the emotional states that were associated with physical diseases. He developed 38 flower remedies which are prescribed for symptoms like guilt, apathy and indecision.

Although Bach was the first to popularize flower remedies, they became wildly popular in the 1980's and many people created their own flower essences, especially working with native and local plants (Bach's remedies were mainly derived from flowers available to him in England).

 Flower essences are high-frequency electrical solutions distilled from fresh flower blossoms that contain the distinct vibrational energies of the beauty from which they are made. Flower essences can help heal, balance, and strengthen the electrical system when it is out of balance or under stress; they can ease or eliminate emotional, spiritual, or mental turmoil. Animals, both human and non-human, are complex bio-chemical-electrical beings, and right now they are under a great deal of stress.

Vibratory changes are particularly difficult for animals, both because their electrical systems cannot adapt as easily as those of humans to rapidly rising vibratory levels and because their planetary service involves the absorption of our negativity into their own electrical system. This combination of circumstances often leaves the animals electrically overloaded. Most animals greatly need and appreciate the gentle, powerful, harmonizing effects of flower essences.

Unlike pharmaceutical or psychoactive drugs, flower essences have no direct impact on the body’s biochemistry, and therefore pose no risk of overdose or unwanted side-effects. Essences are issue-specific; they are neither toxic nor addictive, and can safely be administered in a common water.